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Life style of Assam

The speciality of Assamese cuisines are in its simplicity and varieties of ingredient. Assamese dishes are less spicy than any other Indian Dishes, but carry richness of taste and health.
Main Dishes : Rice, Fish , Meat , Vegetable
Sweets & Snacks : Pitha , Jolpan , Laroo (Ladoo)
Exotic Dishes : Khar , Khorisa , Tenga Aanga , Kharoli / Pani Tenga
When Festival Comes in Assam, the first word that strikes is 'BIHU'. The assamese society is still very closely bound in the modern busy world.
Bihu Festival : Rongali Bihu , Bhogali Bihu , Kongali Bihu
Social Ceremonies : Marriages , Sharadh Shankardeva/Madhavdeava's Tithi
Pooja / Tithi : Durga Puja , Kaali Puja
The beauty of an Assamese woman not only lies in her face but also in her dress. The gorgeous Muga Silk has always been attracting any tourists to Assam.
Dress & Jewellery : Muga , Japi ,Eri Silk , Gamosa
Crafts : Cane, Bamboo, Bell Metal , Brass
Instruments : Agricultural , Weapons .

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